What did you work on during your work experience at VP?

With help from some of the controls team, I tried to predict fuel and electrical efficiency from driver control inputs. This included the development of some machine learning models and neural networks to classify bus drivers by their good or bad driving techniques.


What did you enjoy most in your 2 weeks at VP?

Overall I had a really fabulous time. Over the two weeks Hugo, Oliver, Jen Wei and Stephen gave me great tours of the multitude of projects taking place at Vantage Power, such as: VPVision telemetry boxes and battery cooling systems. I hope to go on and study electronics at university, so I found the improvement of fuel efficiency by the integration of electrical power and telemetry very interesting. I also enjoyed using the Microsoft Holo Lens with Xavier and seeing his highly detailed life-sized bus models.


What was the most valuable thing you learnt?

Although I had some programming experience in other languages, I predominantly used Python over the two weeks and learnt a great deal about the language. With Stephen and Jen Wei’s help and advice, I felt that l learnt more Python much more quickly than I could have on my own. Hopefully I will go onto use these skills in the future!


Has this encouraged you to pursue a career in engineering?

This has definitely encouraged me to pursue a career in engineering.  Seeing such an exciting company has really shown me the opportunities from a career in engineering. Everyone seems to love their jobs and is passionate about their projects. Speaking to Toby about how he and Alex setup the company, makes me interested to go on and setup my own start-up in the future!


Thanks to Stephen and Jen Wei for help with my project and thanks Vantage Power for a great two weeks!