Lithium-Ion Cell Welding

Welding lithium-ion cells to current-carrying busbars is a complex process, balancing the power needed to fuse the two metals together into a strong and durable weld, while ensuring that no damage is done to the cell.

Vantage Power has conducted hundreds of thousands of welds and subjected them to a wide range of tests including vibration, cross-section analysis, spectroscopy and charge/discharge profiles, as well as other destructive and non-destructive methods.

This has enabled a robust and repeatable process to be developed, and has been applied to in-service battery packs for over 4 years. Additionally, the flexibility of Vantage Power’s welding solution allows the joining of dissimilar metals e.g. copper to aluminium, copper to steel, and aluminium to aluminium, at a cost an order of magnitude lower than laser welding and other techniques.