Beautiful hybrid and electric technology

Vantage Power designs and manufactures hybrid and electric vehicle technology with a focus on the heavy-duty sector. The world is moving rapidly towards a low carbon, low emissions future. Our technology helps make this possible.

Lithium ion battery pack technology

Advanced battery packs are core to the future success of hybrid and electric vehicles. See how Vantage Power’s battery pack technology is industry leading.


Vehicle control software

Vehicle software is critical to its safety, operation and performance. Scalable to hybrid and electric vehicles, Vantage Power’s adaptable control software brings vehicles to life.



Connected vehicle technology allows manufacturers and operators to remotely keep in touch with their vehicles. Vantage Power’s telemetry technology allows this and much more.


Augmented Reality

See how Vantage Power uses the power of augmented reality to communicate concepts and improve engineering, service and maintenance.


Lithium ion battery pack technology

Vantage Power’s battery pack technology is specifically designed for the rigours of the heavy-duty vehicle applications. Incorporated into the battery pack is a range of features that are essential for the safe running and long life of the battery pack including:

  • More than 300 temperature and voltage sensors,
  • Refrigerated direct liquid cooling system
  • Advanced thermal runaway protection
  • State of the art battery management system
  • All necessary fuses, contactors and manual service disconnects
  • Multiple cell redundancy features

Vehicle manufacturers can choose to install multiple battery packs in parallel or alter the energy capacity of each pack, giving great flexibility around performance, packaging and cost.

Vehicle control hardware and software

Hybrid and electric powertrains are complex and require vehicle control software to monitor and correctly control the entire system, from engine and battery pack all the way through to pumps and fans.

Vantage Power has invested significantly in building and refining its vehicle control software and the hardware on which it runs, and has been tested extensively across multiple vehicle platforms. It gives vehicle manufacturers and operators the ability to monitor and log over 6,000 variables per second, and presents this data in an easy to understand format within an engineering portal. Additionally, remote connectivity allows for over-the-air (OTA) software updates, ensuring the vehicle is able to be upgraded with the latest software no matter where it is, and allowing manufacturers to remotely improve the product.


The ability to monitor fleets and keep them on the road through better maintenance and diagnostics is of fundamental importance, and as software plays an ever bigger role in emissions, fuel efficiency and reliability, the power to upgrade the software remotely and add new features becomes ever more attractive.

VPVision turns buses into internet-of-things (IoT) devices, allowing them to stream over 6,000 data points per second into Vantage Power’s scalable cloud-based architecture. By analysing this data and presenting it to manufacturers and customers in an easy to understand and actionable way, VPVision technology offers an unparalleled level of fleet control, data transparency and diagnostic information.

Augmented Reality with HoloLens

 Vantage Power has pioneered the use of augmented reality across the business, from sales and marketing through to in-field product support, and makes this available to its customers giving them truly exciting and innovative capabilities.

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