Range Extender

Utilising proven, reliable components, Vantage Power’s Range Extender technology converts diesel fuel into high voltage DC electric power. This is achieved through the coupling of a Euro VI heavy duty diesel engine and aftertreatment system to a high torque density electric generator.

In a hybrid system this allows the engine to operate independently of the vehicle speed meaning the engine is always at the most efficient point and engine off time can be maximised.

The technology also provides full flexibility on ancillary drive systems depending on the application needs. Pneumatics, HVAC and other ancillary systems can be driven from the engine taking power directly from the point of generation, optimising efficiency, or can be decoupled from the engine and driven electrically allowing for full vehicle operation with the engine off.

Speed, load and power are controlled by a central system controller which ensures the generator and engine work well together. The controller has in-built functionality to manage de-rates and restrictions caused by malfunction or emissions compliance.

Specifications & Features

The Euro V version features an integrated centrifugal clutch separating the engine flywheel and the generator. This allows the generator to spin whilst the diesel engine is off so that it can be used to power ancillary items such as hydraulic pumps and pneumatic compressors. It can be supplied on an integrated structural frame with vibration mounts for ease of installation.

  • Cummins ISB4.5 Euro V
  • Max Power: 137 kW
  • Voltage Range: 500-750 Vdc
  • Integrated liquid charge air cooler
  • Electronically controlled water jacket radiator for engine
  • Dimensions: L x W x H (mm) = 1120 x 723 x 819
  • Weight: 478kg
  • PTO capacity: 2x hydraulic pumps, 24V alternator, 2x refrigeration compressors.

The Euro VI version features an engine with integrated exhaust-gas-recirculation as well as selective catalytic reduction for NOx abatement and a particulate filter.

  • Cummins ISB4.5 Euro VI
  • Max Power: 141 kW
  • Voltage Range: 500-750 Vdc
  • Integrated liquid charge air cooler
  • Electronically controlled water jacket radiator for engine
  • Dimensions: L x W x H (mm) = 1098 x 813 x 870
  • Weight: 453kg

Vantage Power can customise the range extenders based on application or customer specific requirements. These might relate to market or industry specific emissions compliance for which a suitably homologated engine must be found.

Testing and validation of the custom design can be either be performed on site at VP’s Greenford facility or once installed into the application vehicle itself.



Compact Packaging

Fit the range extender into the most demanding space claims by using this compact package.

Reduced Noise

Using advanced range extender control, engine-off time can be maximised and made location dependent to access low noise zones.

Energy Management

Integrates with higher level energy management strategies to provide best in class fuel consumption.