Original Equipment Solutions

Vantage Power supplies modules from its award-winning hybrid system to bus and other heavy-duty vehicle OEMs for incorporation onto new vehicle platforms. Manufactured in the UK and supplied internationally, our original equipment solutions are being integrated into vehicles today.

With a rapid time to market, proven technology and scalability to pure EV solutions, Vantage Power works with its customers to ensure that low emissions, fuel consumption, reliability and cost are best optimised.

Original Equipment Modules

Vantage Power designs and manufactures a range of hybrid and electric powertrain modules for inclusion into new vehicles of all shapes and sizes. From battery packs and control systems to advanced telemetry, big data and Internet-of-Things capabilities, our OE solutions increase your speed to market and deliver you a competitive edge.

Battery Packs

The battery pack is the essential component in hybrid and electric vehicles. Vantage Power manufactures high performance, durable, reliable and scalable battery packs for use in buses and other heavy-duty vehicles.

Range Extender

Range extenders give vehicles freedom from the grid, and negate the need for expensive charging infrastructure by using the engine as an efficient electricity generator. Vantage Power works with major OEMs to integrate their engines into standalone units.

Vehicle Control System

Vantage Power’s vehicle control hardware and software connects seamlessly with your existing vehicle using standard communication protocols, and represents a turnkey solution to rapidly integrate hybrid and electric systems and components.

Electric Drive System

Vantage Power specialises in integrating different electric drives for varying vehicle requirements, and offers customers OE solutions with dual motor electric axle or single motor and driveshaft configurations.


Rapid electrification or hybridisation

Minimal development needed to electrify or hybridise your existing vehicle platform with everything from battery pack and electric drive to control systems and telemetry.

Architecture flexibility

Choose from a number of proven configurations to get the best for your vehicle including electrified axle versus single motor drive, or battery packs that can be easily varied in capacity.

Lifetime battery warranty

Vantage Power designs, manufactures and tests its own battery packs, meaning we’re confident standing behind our battery packs for their whole life.

Fully electrified ancillaries

Reduce noise and maintenance through a set of fully electrified ancillaries, and remove the danger of hydraulic fluid operating in the engine bay.

Geo-fencing capabilities

Use Vantage Power’s unique geo-fencing capabilities to change the behaviour of your vehicle e.g. engine on/off, speed, noise in different geographical locations.

VPVision as standard

VPVision – Vantage Power’s industry-leading telemetry solution – is included as standard with all turnkey products, giving you and your customers unparalleled control and insight.

VPVision Telemetry

All our (R)ePower systems come pre-installed with our industry leading telemetry, monitoring, maintenance and spare parts portal.

VPVision is an advanced cloud based telemetry system for buses, trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles to:

  • Reduce component failure and warranty support costs;
  • Improve fleet up-time through predictive analytics;
  • Monitor and ensure compliance.


VPVision has been developed from the ground up for vehicle OEM’s, tier 1 suppliers of major vehicle systems, fleet operators and transit authorities where vehicle up-time and legislation compliance are of paramount importance.

Forget traditional telemetry where reams of data need to be poured over to gain any useful insights.

Choose VPVision to do the work for you.













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