Hybrid / Electric Vehicle Controller

The Hybrid / Electric Vehicle Controller is an integrated powertrain system control unit for use in hybrid and electric vehicles. In-built functionality includes:

  • A traction and driver control interface for electric propulsion;
  • Range extender power management;
  • Electronic cooling control;
  • Energy management functions for hybrid systems;
  • Power limitation control for battery systems;
  • On-board diagnostics, data-logging and fault code management;
  • Remote connectivity and OTA updates;
  • Geo-fencing.

Proven in many hybrid electric vehicles to date this product builds on a robust set of software libraries created and tested in-house by VP. Designed on ISO26262 principles and incorporated in a ruggedized enclosure this control unit is a safe bet for your hybrid or electric vehicle application.

Rely on expert experience from VP’s control and testing team to bring your new hybrid or electric system through development and on-vehicle validation and into series production.

Innovative Control, Proven Technology

  • The HEVC is built on a modular real-time operating system using security enhanced Linux. This provides a stable and proven platform to run critical, deterministic control features from.
  • Utilising a dual-core processor and FPGA architecture to separate high level supervisory control from low level direct control functions, this controller is well suited to cope with the hierarchical multi-layered system of a hybrid or electric vehicle.
  • File system management capabilities allow for robust data logging and diagnostics.
  • Choice of 3 different energy management strategies:
    • Heuristic strategies for back-up operation in degraded modes
    • Equivalent Consumption Minimisation Strategy for the instantaneous optimization of the power split between battery and engine.
    • Minimisation and Stochastic Policy to combine forward looking driving behavior expectations with instantaneous energy minimization.
  • Processor System: National Instruments System-on-Module dual core ARM Cortex-A9 with FPGA
  • Interfaces:
    • 4x CAN
    • 16x Analogue Inputs
    • 16x Digital Inputs
    • GPS, 9-axis IMU
    • 1x Ethernet
  • Engineered for heavy-duty environment
  • IP67
  • -20 to +85ºC


Proven Technology

Leverage advanced, proven software control by using existing IP in application algorithms.

Expert Support

VP’s experienced control and testing team will take new applications through development to full validation.

Energy Management

Make use of the most advanced optimization techniques to reduce energy consumption.

OTA Updates

Leverage an existing working platform to have secure over-the-air software and parameter updates.

Telemetry Integration

Integrate it with VP’s industry leading telemetry software – VPVision.

Geo-fencing capabilities

Use Vantage Power’s unique geo-fencing capabilities to change the behaviour of your vehicle e.g. engine on/off, speed, noise in different geographical locations.