Custom System Controller

Using a proven platform controller technology well suited for complex systems, VP has the tools and capability to design, develop and validate a custom application control system.

Through its expansive set of inputs/outputs and datalink interfaces as well as a strong code framework and function library it is well suited to the rapid deployment of new applications. Code is developed in the National Instruments LabVIEW graphical programming language. All new applications come with an interactive graphical test software shortening validation test cycles for a fast and safe implementation.

The use of a Linux real-time operating system designed specifically for long-term reliable and deterministic operation makes it a perfect fit for large, high value, critical systems.

With secure remote connectivity options for hardware and software, Vantage Power has leveraged the power of data-flow programming to create world leading remote access capabilities for large cyber-physical systems.

Hardware Features

Processor System

Computational Unit

Xilinx Zynq-7000 SoC with Dual Core ARM Cortex-A9, 667 MHz; and FPGA

Nonvolatile memory

512 MB, SLC NAND Flash

Volatile memory

512 MB, DDR3

Power Supply

Input Range



Reverse polarity, short to ground and supply voltage, transient suppression

Environmental Specifications and Standards

Temperature Range

-20 to + 85ºC

Ingress Protection

IP67 (IP6K9K on request)


ISO16750-2, ISO16750-3

Interfaces and Serial Communications


4x CAN, < 1 Mbit/s


1x Ethernet up to 1,000 Mbps


1x GPS


9-Axis Accelerometer

Remote Connectivity


Inputs and Outputs

Analogue Inputs

16x 12 bit, 0-5 V, 100 Hz sample rate

Digital Inputs

16x 24 V inputs, < 1 kHz signal frequency

Digital Output High

4x 1.5 A sourcing output, current limited, 5 kHz switching frequency

Digital Output Low

16x 1.5 A max, sinking outputs, current limited, 1 kHz switching frequency



Accelerated Time to Market

Leverage a proven code framework, function library and graphical test software to rapidly develop new applications.

Minimise Risk

Robust in-house SiL and HiL capabilities for earlier detection of bugs and problems.

Secure Remote Access

Reduce your after-market costs by having capable secure remote access for diagnostics and updates.

Benefit from Expertise

VP’s control, systems and testing engineers will take your application from requirements gathering through to validation.

Big Data

Make use of the vast data-logging capabilities to enhance your diagnostics and data collection.

Best Practice Security

Using security-enhanced Linux best practice security can be easily achieved without compromise.