Custom Battery Solutions

When starting the development of a new battery it is important to ensure you are working with a company that has the right expertise and capabilities to deliver an industry leading product, cover all eventualities and respond quickly to changing customer requirements or industry developments.

At VP, we have designed and launched lithium ion batteries into production for a range of applications, from automotive to stationary energy storage, and are well equipped to carry out full battery system development from the beginning of the definition of a new battery product through to validation and low volume manufacturing.

Our focus is on the biggest challenges facing any battery pack developer today – thermal management, battery management systems, cost reduction, size, time to market – and through this we have developed the knowhow, innovative technology and capability to provide cutting-edge solutions.


Some of the reasons to work with us for your next battery development

Full Service

From a customer spec sheet all the way up to initial production units, Vantage Power has you covered.

Rapid Prototyping

Agile company with a track record of short development timescales, utilising 3D printing and other rapid manufacturing techniques to reduce prototype times.

Leading Technology

Our battery solutions include our own industry leading IP and technologies in BMS software, cell welding and thermal management.

Flexible Chemistries

Use a range of cell chemistries, including NMC, LiFePO4 and LTO depending on the application.

Advanced Testing

In-house cell testing lab, which allows electrical characterisation of battery cells, life cycle tests using customer or application duty cycles, and cell performance verification

In-house Manufacturing

Vantage Power has our own tried and tested in-house pilot manufacturing line facilities, helping to improve quality and reduce time to market.


Features and technologies we are able to offer to give your battery pack the cutting edge:

  • Pack capacities from a few kWh up to MWh’s
  • Modular systems with capability to integrate multiple packs in parallel
  • Fully flexible design for high power density, high gravimetric density, high volumetric density or a combination of the three, depending on your requirements
  • Highly tuned and very well tested cell welding process which overcomes the complexities traditionally associated with welding lithium-ion cells to current-carrying busbars. This simpler technique can reduce both the part count and the cost of joining cells into blocks.
  • Extensive intellectual property in BMS software for high voltage lithium-ion battery systems with proven real-world operation. With a library of proprietary algorithms, VP has tackled some of the most challenging problems in battery control.
  • Thermal management is one of the most critical aspects of battery system design and VP has developed market leading thermal management solutions. These range from immersive cell cooling through to direct contact evaporative and isothermal structural elements as well as forced air cooling.
  • Full cloud connectivity allowing remote monitoring of system health, performance and any servicing needs. This includes advanced features such a geofencing, fault prognostics and live data viewing to monitor system performance in real time.