Vantage Power Technology Applications

Our team and technology has a wide variety of applications in the field of hybrid and electric heavy-duty vehicles and systems. Below is a selection of some of the innovative projects that our technology has been applied to, and a hint of the type of products they will be supporting in the future.

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Vantage Power’s (R)ePower is an electric retrofit solution that enables you to upgrade your vehicles to full electric power without having to purchase new vehicles.


OE Solutions

Vantage Power designs and manufactures a range of hybrid and electric powertrain modules for inclusion into new vehicles of all shapes and sizes.


Hybrid Retrofit

Vantage Power’s hybrid retrofit system replaces all the existing components in the bus engine bay – from the engine and gearbox through to the air compressor and cooling packs – with a brand new Euro VI hybrid system.


VPVision Telemetry System

VPVision is an advanced cloud based telemetry system developed from the ground up for vehicle OEM’s, tier 1 suppliers of major vehicle systems, fleet operators and transit authorities where vehicle up-time and legislation compliance are of paramount importance.


Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Cell Cooling

Vantage Power have perfected a cooling system for cylindrical cells based on direct immersive technology. This thermal management technique ties in tightly to the advanced control strategies that complement the thermal management functionality.


Heat Mat for Lithium-Ion Cell Cooling

Vantage Power are developing the application of heat mat technology to cool lithium-ion batteries without requiring the use of a pump to remove the heat.


Augmented Reality

Vantage Power has pioneered the use of augmented reality across the business, from sales and marketing through to in-field product support, and makes this available to its customers giving them truly exciting and innovative capabilities.


Lithium-Ion Cell Cooling Using Evaporation

Vantage Power has developed a fully immersive evaporative cooling concept using low boiling point fluids for an automotive cylindrical cell application.


Heat Battery for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

This development project installed a ‘heat battery’ into one of VP’s retro-fitted hybrid buses to store waste engine heat, which can then be used to provide cabin heating when the engine is turned off or rapidly heat the engine and/or HVAC system from a cold start reducing cabin warm-up time and fuel consumption.


Wireless Battery Management System for Lithium-Ion Cells

Vantage Power has successfully developed and proved the ability for battery management systems to operate wirelessly in large automotive lithium-ion battery systems leading to potential weight, complexity and cost savings.


Advanced Cell Testing

VP has its own cell testing lab, which allows electrical characterisation of battery cells as well as the capability to control thermal conditions of test cycles using this for the formation of battery life models which prolong the life of its battery pack.


Lithium-Ion Cell Welding

Welding lithium-ion cells to current-carrying busbars is a complex process, Vantage Power’s proven welding solution is flexible and much lower in cost than other techniques.


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